Basically, there is no oily hair, but an oily scalp. Each time your hair touches the oily scalp it will pick up some of the grease. The sebaceous glands just produce too much (Seborrhea) grease. We don't know of any product to solve this problem durable.

  There seems to be just one solution. Shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo once it is oily diluting it 1:10 with water. It is easier to distribute on your scalp. you need less shampoo and it is a lot easier to rinse shampoo residue out completely. We achieved good results to fight oily hair with Avocado-Oil. Applied, you increase efficiency leaving it on your scalp overnight, it dissolves the sebum and is easily washed out with a mild shampoo. Some of our clients achieved remarkable results in changing their diet (less fat).

  However, for oily hair applies the same hair care as for fine hair, that you try to style your hair the kind, that it will stand up from the scalp instead of lying down close to it, where it always picks up greasy while it touches the scalp. We recommend to treat oily scalp with an Avocado-Oil-Treatment and shampoo with a mild shampoo.

  Use St BARTH's Avocado-Oil as treatment to dissolve the sebum, if possible overnight. It is then easily and completely washed out with the mild ST. BARTH'S Spirulina Algae Shampoo.

  REDKEN's glypro+ shampoo gently cleanses as builds in body support. flexibility and shine.

  PHYTOLOGIE's PHYTONEUTRE and PHYTOCEDRAT in combination with PHYT L a mild and thorough cleansing tool.

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