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  PHYTOCYANE 12 x 7,5ml  EUR 47,00 
PHYTO-GINKGO-SERUM contains a 51% solution from the Chinese Ginkgo-Biloba tree and Viburnum extracts help to activate the cellular metabolism. A complex of three different effective substances increases the supply of the hair bulb with vital elements. Grape procyanidins neutralize free radicals while sulphured amino acids, peptidic biotechnological stimulator and sulphured polyoloside, Vitamin B6, Panthenol (B5) Theophyllin and Tyrosine derivatives make it the prescription for temporary hairloss. After shampooing with a Phyto-Shampoo apply section by section on your scalp. Slightly massage into your scalp. Do not rinse out. For external use only