For a sensitive scalp you should always use soothing and clarifying haircare. You should try to restore the normal dermal shield to help the scalp dealing with all enviromental problems of today. Haare. Deshalb ist es enorm wichtig sie richtig und mit den adäquaten Mitteln zu pflegen.

  It will lead you to products with mild cleansing agents to gently wash your scalp and soothing and clarifying treatments to calm sensitive and irritated scalp.

  Even though, many scalp-problems may result from enviromental, climatic, general pollution or even air-conditioning problems, we recommend, to consult a dermatologist for severe irritations.

  Very important for all clients with sensitive scalp is how you handle cosmetic products. Always use a very small amount of product and rinse extensively well after using it. No matter whether it is shampoo or treatment, always rinse out extreme thoroughly.

  Following products are our recommendation for sensitive scalp:

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This soothing and clarifying Shampoo calms and relieves ...
200ml  EUR 15,20 
Extra mild, soothing cleansing for frequent use ...
200ml  EUR 16,00